Private Sector

Enterprises face tough choices in an age of economic uncertainty. The need to achieve business growth and innovation, and respond to a competitive environment whilst being customer centric is crucial to retain consumers. Efficiency is paramount with businesses cautious where and how they invest. We recognise these issues and help our enterprise customers control, manage and deliver information to ensure effective customer service and new business generation.

What our Customers say

  • “Doctors throughout the NHS often have to make decisions about patient care without necessarily having all their background history available which obviously represents a safety issue. If we have seen a patient previously, we can offer the right treatment based on past medical history as we have all their details instantly available on screen. It’s one of the most innovative and revolutionary solutions I have seen in 20 years of clinical practice.”

    Dr Francis Andrews
    Clinical Director for critical care
    St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals
  • “For the first time, all referrals will be handled electronically. This reduces the time, risk, duplication and costs in circulating paper around the hospital and rationalises an inefficient process.”

    Karen Thompson
    Business Change Project Manager
    Papworth Hospital
  • “It’s been hard work but now we’ve finished the project, we have a solution which is already saving the NHS money. The key innovation is the indexing so that data can be retrieved quickly and easily. This has defeated other projects in the past but we‘ve managed to solve this working closely with our software partner, CCube Solutions. Our system is applicable to any hospital in the country and is a significant contribution to meeting the Government’s target of hospitals being paper light.”

    Professor Mike Pearson
    Consultant physician
    Aintree University Hospital